I watch how Stefan watches porn
I watch Stefan read
I watch Stefan watching Hannibal
I watch Stefan laughing at Zarathustra and feeling like he’s the cyborg avatar of Nietzsche
I watch Stefan (mistakenly?) feeling himself superior to Cioran and Camus
I watch Stefan playing basketball
I watch Stefan praying to Fortuna as he bets and wins and as he bets and loses
I watch Stefan falling in love and starting to believe that he spent 9 years of his youth in his grave
I watch Stefan eating
I watch him dunk above Kobe Bryant in his dreams
I watch Stefan watching me
I watch him thinking ” you don’t know anything about me”
I watch him breaking the mirror and chanting in Aramaic „you are vapour and I am not your God”
or was it „I am vapour and you are not my God”
I don’t exist but somehow Stefan watches me

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