Helloween Special

It’s been noted before and I agree with this statement: Stoker’s novel is pretty weak. Unresearched, full of 19th century scientism and pathetic superstitions, it’s NOT a masterpiece in one word. Anne Rice’s first novel from the Vampire Chronicles is a jewel compared to Stoker’s attempt. Le Fanu is much better if you prefered a comparison from Stoker’s Zeitgeist. It’s amazing however, almost a paradox, how influential Stoker was and how the archetype he created is arguably the best hero in modern cinema. From Murnau to Coppola (and I’m speaking here about ART not about weaker productions like Vampire Diaries and Twilight, which still are immensely influential at a lower level), the vampire is the aristocratic Undead (beyond death = beyond life = ambiguosly beyond good and evil), the merciless Predator, Terminator of the weak, right wing menace of the afterworld, eternally young, eternally Potent, a liberator disguised in Antichrist. For all the vampires of the world: divide et impera!

One of my heroes: Christopher Lee in the Horror of Dracula (1958):


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