anthem for Generation 2K +

For those three-year-olds in ‘89, who
remember Ceauşescu, food lines, famine, desperation,
I speak to you.
For those who heard of things from parents or older brothers,

I call to you.
For those Homeland Falcons —even for a day—listen.
To those who now play StarCraft in an Internet Café,
and steal from their parents to play for another hour,
I yell to you to listen.
For those who were thrown into that special vacuum,
that black hole —the place without prisons, without
securisti, but guided by people like Vadim and Păunescu,
please listen—I beg you.
For everyone now, living in a democracy ruled by former communists,
who sell their thoughts, intelligence, and passions for profit,
take a look at what I say.
To you, stigmatized by people because you only wish to leave Romania,
because you are left to die with 300 a month, not enough to feed anyone,
to you, exhausted from reading the book on the nightstand collection
so that work and school are too much to do—even though
you are too educated and accomplished,
hear more.

For the teachers of philosophy, with their brain wired to the Marxist slang,
to High School teachers, who choose copy / paste over original work,
We walk away to another day.
For Dinosaur-Academics, washing our brains with ready-packed information
and oversensitive principles, in a world prevailed only by Change,
we bid you farewell.
For this society, shaping its bone and flesh with bribery and plagiarism,
now, I theorize The Break.
From today, we are born again, we don’t resemble our fathers anymore,
refuse tradition, we dig and found again, and,
even if our identity is not as contoured as the confusion,
from rebellion, we derive something new, un-commissioned,
at least, we know what we don’t want to be.
We had above our heads the North Star of Chaos,
we have been baptized again, therfore, I name Crisis the values which have kept you
warm in the social sleep of history.
Enough with party poetry, there is no Party anymore,
why continue to write in vain, with dead reflexes, as if One would exist?
No longer enchain to authoritarianism!
As from today, I won’t colligate to you – you cannot be charged
for your behavior, your stigma is perpetuation of servitude,
you teach it , rerun it , stamping the same political machine.
You dinosaurs, can you hear me?
We will not live in your legacy!
There is a world elsewhere, and we will discover it,
watch your back, watch your history,

there is a world elsewhere, where we need to go.

Translation from Romanian by Adrian Ioniţă

From Andrei Guruianu (Ed.), Twenty Years After the Fall, Wising Up Press, 2010.


5 gânduri despre „anthem for Generation 2K +

  1. e faina traducerea, are un stil simplu si direct – pastreaza feelingul din poemul original, asa mi se pare mie cel putin; ce tare suna „homeland falcons”, daca nu stiam poemul nu stiu daca ma prindeam ca e vb de „soimii patriei’ :))

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