Crazy Hypothesis

what if everything we see in the painting and we hear in music and we read in verses are TRUE in a way that transcends the usual expression artistic truth and in a spatial reference that goes way beyond the term of alternative universe?
what if the subject of the painting really exists and the artist merely describes what he sees?
thus Judas existed, Death existed, the moon from the Moonlight sonata existed and when we write a poem we speak about things that exist or will come to light
Sascha Schneider - Judas

it’s not a personal truth, it’s much more than that … it is a reality that asks an ontological permission to be born or to be remembered
so when we go to a museum and we see a Romantic subject or a classical one we have to keep in mind that the person (even the God) which is represented is ALIVE, the artist merely describing NOT a vision but a face to face meeting with the subject

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